The Luminosity Prize

The Luminosity Prize

Is killing ever justified?

Ecology student Jennie Cliffe believes that the local badgers are healthy. Others violently disagree. Who is right?

Jennie is enjoying her life in Oakfield, an ancient market town surrounded by beautiful countryside. Her relationship with her travel-addict boyfriend David and her PhD research, although both rather pedestrian, are seemingly progressing well.

Unexpectedly her life is thrown into disarray by cuts to her funding, a virus that hits her family’s dairy farm and the arrival of a mysterious animal activist organisation in town. Will her relationship with David survive? Or does her attraction to Edward the handsome new vet triumph? Can she secure a sustainable future for the badgers? Does Jennie have the skills and courage to rise-up to the challenges that she faces?

In this fast-paced romantic thriller, twenty-three year old Jennie is tested to her limits. Over the course of a year, she discovers the true meaning of love, life and death and finds the answer to the question: Is killing ever justified?

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