Suburban Homes

Suburban Homes

The UK has a shortage of  homes. This is because of an increase in the population and in the number of households. The government and local authorities  want more homes to be built particularly in existing suburban areas. This is to protect the countryside from being built upon.

The Outer Suburbs

In London, the outer suburbs such as Ealing, have come under increasing pressure to provide more homes in order to cut waiting lists and prices. However the provision of these new homes will increase population densities. Traditionally the outer suburbs have had lower population densities as the majority of homes are low-rise with gardens.  Now  more high-rise homes are being built. The character of the suburbs is changing in spite of opposition from local people.

The John Lewis Partnership

In West Ealing, the retailer John Lewis has announced that it plans to build new homes to rent above their Waitrose supermarket. This move into becoming a landlord is part of their long-term strategy of diversification.

The Elizabeth Line

The Waitrose supermarket is sited close to West Ealing, a newly built station on the Elizabeth Line. Journey times to central London, Heathrow and Reading have been slashed. People looking to rent one of the new homes built above Waitrose will enjoy not only very good travel connections but also all the amenities and facilities in the local area. These include excellent schools and hospitals, a wide choice of parks and open spaces, and shops and leisure centres.

Changing Character of the Suburbs

So what’s not to like?  Many people will welcome the opportunity to rent a home from a well known retailer such as John Lewis and to live in a very convenient location. However  local people  are seeing their neighbourhood changing out of all recognition – what was once a genteel Victorian suburb is now going to resemble the inner city.

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